September 24-26, 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine
Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics
Institute of Mathematics
Problems of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
The Conference is dedicated to the 110th anniversary
of the outstanding theoretician in the physical sciences and mathematician
M.M. Bogolyubov (1909-1992)

Welcome to the Bogolyubov Kyiv Conference!

The Conference will be organized as sessions with invited talks (35 min) and plenary talks (25 min).
The working languages of the Conference are English and Ukrainian.

Conference Topics

  • A
    Mathematics and mathematical physics
  • B
    Particles and fields
  • C
    Statistical physics and kinetic theory
  • D
    Nuclear matter
  • E
    Condensed matter physics


  • Registration deadline
    March 31, 2019
  • Abstract submission deadline
    May 31, 2019
  • Notification about acceptance of reports
    July 12, 2019
  • Opening of the Conference
    September 24, 2019, 14-00


Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, 14-b, Metrolohichna Str., Kyiv, Ukraine

Invited Speakers

  • Amusya M.
  • Beenakker C.
  • Castro Neto A.H.
  • Gusynin V.P.
  • Mryglod I.M.
  • Pastur L.A.
  • Shulga M.F.
  • Varlamov A.
  • Yukhnovsky I.R.

Conference Fee

The conference fee is 300 UAH, payable during registration in Kyiv. The fee will cover organization expenses and conference materials, and does not include costs of accommodation and meals.


Entry visas are not required for citizens from a number of countries. The details can be found here (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine page).

If required, visas can be obtained at Ukraine’s Consulate in your country on the basis of an official invitation. The Organizing Committee will provide the invitation letter by request of participants after the decision on abstract acceptance.

Organizing Committee


  • Zagorodny A.G.
  • Samoilenko A.M.

Scientific secretary

Brizhik L.S.

Members of organizing commitee

  • Amusya M.
  • Bakai O.S.
  • Baryakhtar V.G.
  • Beenakker C.
    The Netherlands
  • Boichuk O.A.
  • Castro Neto A.H.
  • Gavrilik O.M.
  • Gusynin V.P.
  • Kochelap V.O.
  • Kushnir R.M.
  • Lev B.I.
  • Loktev V.M.
  • Mryglod I.M.
  • Pastur L.A.
  • Perestyuk M.O.
  • Petrov E.G.
  • Rebenko O.L.
  • Ruffo S.
  • Shulga M.F.
  • Slyusarenko Yu.V.
  • Sitenko Yu.O.
  • Skrypnik I.I.
  • Svidzinsky A.V.
  • Tomchuk P.M.
  • Varlamov A.
  • Yukhnovsky I.R.
  • Zasenko V.I.
  • Zinovjev G.M.

Local organizing committee

  • Dailidonis V.V.
  • Hlushko M.I.
  • Perepelytsya S.M.
  • Rebesh A.P.
  • Zasenko V.I.
  • Zhokhin A.S.